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Communicate the importance of SEO

How to Communicate the Importance of SEO to Your Boss

So it’s finally time to let your boss know about the legendary “Hummingbird,” likes of the “White Hat” rodeo boys and the notorious “Black Hat” players in online marketing. That’s heart-warming and feels like a bold step towards achieving more at work. Yes, all SEO professionals & SEO companies have the same story: it’s always…

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Kickstart STEM in School with Keyboarding

The Best Way to Kickstart STEM Skills in School is to Teach Keyboarding

Research shows that students who don’t learn to keyboard early in their school careers might have a difficult time when learning STEM (Science, Technology, Education, and Math) subjects later on. This is because incorrect typing technique drags students behind in most aspects related to studying and learning. Technology is a key part of STEM fields,…

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Importance of Reviewing old content and design featured

Importance Of Reviewing Old Content And Web Design Strategies

Over the years, Google has been trying and implementing newer and better features in it. It has also been making adjustments in its algorithm on an ongoing basis. This is to make sure that the web sites are appropriately ranked and in the best way to make the ranks more authentic. For instance, the Money…

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Design a logo for your site

How to Design a Logo For Your Site

Like it or not, humans are visual beings. We will always have a better memory of an image or an icon than a bunch of text. After all, we are the ones who came up with “a picture is worth a thousand words”. This human inclination to the visual is significantly manipulated and taken advantage…

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WordPress Themes

WordPress with Attitude: Let the Themes Do the Talking

There are a lot of things to consider when creating a WordPress website, whether for a personal blog or business. You need to create good plans and strategies before you can even start filling your website with contents. Speaking of contents, you need to have the best articles if you want your website to gain…

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