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6 Steps to Ensure Long-Term Business Website Success

Around 20 years ago, the internet was very young and not many people had websites online. However, today the internet is a large jungle where many different websites and businesses are competing for the attention of their target audiences. Through this competition and many other factors, websites have evolved and become more complex. This is…

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7 Deadly Sins of Web Design You Should Avoid at All Cost

In this modern day and age, technology has continued to bring advancements at different levels of society. May it be smartphones, house appliances or medicine, technology plays a vital role in making our lives more progressive. Technology also allows businesses to explore opportunities beyond the physical stores. Many of the citizens are now selling and…

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Social Media Buttons

5 Secrets for Crazy Clickable Social Media Buttons

Social Media Buttons – we place them everywhere we can! After all, if someone clicks on them, we may get more followers, likes, comments, and shares. However, in many cases, even though we place these buttons in the locations we think are perfect, we see little to no increase in our follower count, for example.…

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