Best WordPress Portfolio Themes


Best Portfolio WordPress Themes
While many WordPress websites and blogs focus on the textual content of the articles and other written information, the goal of a site for a creative professional may be different. Whether you are a photographer, graphic designer, website developer, artist, crafts person or a creative writer, a portfolio style WordPress theme would provide a more appropriate structure for you to display your projects. Many artistic professionals use their online portfolios to find additional clients or customers and for inclusion in their resumes.


What makes for a great portfolio WordPress theme?

At its most basic, this type of website should have a clean code so it loads quickly in any browser, especially since they are so graphic intensive. Since so many people explore the internet from cell phones, tablets and other mobile devices, responsiveness is also a must.

For the website owners benefit, and easy to use admin section or control panel should allow for easy page layout creation and uploading of new pieces of artwork or projects for inclusion. Multiple premade page and post layouts provide the flexibility for the creative individual to arrange his or her WordPress site so that it best displays their photos, artwork or designs.


Professional and flexible galleries are the focus of portfolio WordPress themes.

Many of the best templates open with the homepage that is either one large statement image, has a slider that shows multiple ones in sequence or has a grid-based gallery of the creative professional’s best work. Whether this gallery is on the homepage or included next in site navigation, visitors focus on it when checking out a person’s artwork.

This means that the gallery must be easy to use from the backend, and organize pictures in an attractive and accessible manner. The best portfolio themes do this by offering multiple layout options and convenient short codes so the builder can change the number of columns and rows, the background color that surrounds the gallery and its positioning with a few simple clicks.


Other popular WordPress options such as animated icons, color and typography choices, multiple page styles, header choices and multi-lingual support allow the owners to display their own style on the website and not just through their art. Ecommerce inclusion allows them to sell their artwork easily as well.

Whether a creative professional wants to display past project, current design examples, artwork or products, a portfolio WordPress theme provides proper structure and style.