Best WordPress Magazine & News Themes

Part of WordPress’s popularity as a user-friendly content management system for websites and blogs has to do with the huge number of attractive themes and templates available. With them, website developers of all knowledge levels can create a professional-looking site quickly and easily.

One of the more popular varieties is the news and magazine WordPress theme. Instead of a bland and out-dated page with sidebar look, these templates offer a wide variety of layout options optimized for current usage habits.


What is a News or Magazine Theme?

Similar to the print versions, news and magazine websites focus on eye-catching content displayed neatly. Graphics, text and video should be balanced. Color schemes and typography should be attractive and balanced across the site pages. Most WordPress themes in the news and magazine category feature multiple blocks or columns across the front page, each with a different article, blog post or media piece included.


How to Choose the Best Theme for You?

With all the options available, selecting the best news/magazine WordPress themes can be a daunting task. The ones assembled here are ideal for any application, but still represent options to the website owner.

First, identify the purpose of your website and how it will be used. Will you be posting many small articles of mostly text or will videos be the main media inclusion on the site? Is your content graphic heavy or do you want template color blocks and icons to add sparkle to the black and white text?


Think of a website like a glossy magazine or newspaper layout. Columns, blocks of text and photographs fill the space in an intelligently arranged manner. What do you want your website to look like? A staid and sensible news site or a more flamboyant fashion mag?


Style considerations aside, modern news and magazine WordPress themes need to meet several important criteria. They need responsive layouts that work on cell phones, tablets and other mobile devices. They need clean code that loads quickly even with many graphics or videos included. They need to be highly customizable to reduce the need to redesign completely if your site focus changes. Social media integration, search engine optimization and translation capabilities are also important.


The best news/magazine WordPress themes provide everything print layout experts do – professional design, a reader-friendly look and eye-catching accents – but for a modern sensibility of internet users who want immediate access to the information and entertainment that powers their world.