Best WordPress Bootstrap Themes

No matter what colors, images or style elements you want in a WordPress theme, the initial focus should be on structure. Before adding window dressing, the architecture of the site must be stable, neat and stylish. Bootstrap, a theme-building framework that uses a hidden grid for element positioning, is helping designers create amazing WordPress themes with HTML and CSS better than ever.

Bootstrap WordPress themes based on a 12 column grid automatically scale for smaller screens on all mobile devices. These responsive layouts mean extra accessibility for the bulk of internet users who access their favorite websites or blogs from a mobile phone or tablet. Even when viewed in an ordinary browser on a large monitor, the sites made with Bootstrap give clean and modern layouts that visitors love.

Despite being a structural benefit for responsive sites, Bootstrap never gets in the way of unique style. Some of the most popular WP themes include sliders, popovers, transitions, buttons and drop down menus. Using HTML5, CSS and the vast selection of plugins and scripts usable with this framework, a designer can create WordPress themes with awesome aesthetics, animation and creativity.