When it comes to WordPress sites, selecting the right theme is half the success! Themes speak for themeselves – they say a lot about you, your business and most importantly, they are the ones making the website beautiful. Here, at ThemeCircle, we have spent quite some time on the research and on the lookout for the perfect theme, so you don't have to. Check the blog posts about our themes selection – you will likely find the theme for you!

How to Detect Malware in Wordpress Theme to Prevent Your Site From Getting Hacked

How to Detect Malware in WordPress Theme to Prevent Your Site From Getting Hacked

WordPress is a platform popular for its content management capabilities. Its customizable themes and plugins make up for its prowess and further amplify the website builder’s seamlessness. People can create an absolutely stunning website for almost no cost with WordPress, using its many free themes that can be found in the official WordPress repository or…

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